Bedding Plants for Sale

***ORDERS being taken NOW**
We at the Garadh pride ourselves in growing the finest home grown bedding plants for you to enjoy this Summer/Autumn.

Please phone Eileen on 810253 or Angie on 810352 with your orders for delivery this weekend and next week.

This year has been very challenging for us because the Garadh is shut to the public and will probably remain that way for most of this year. We are adhering to strict hygiene regulations relating to Coronavirus and we have been constantly liasing with our Barra medical team to ensure we can deliver to you safely our plants, shrubs and now our popular bedding plants.

We can’t thank the community enough for all the support you have shown us already this year. We have been out and about delivering direct to your door and at the same time making sure we all stick to the guidelines that will keep you safe.

With our Northbay cafe also closed for the foreseeable future we need your support more than ever this year.

The profits from our plant sales help support the running costs of our horticultural based project. This project is for all adults who want to volunteer and most importantly it helps adults living in our community who require additional support.

Garadh a Bhagh a Tuath is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation [SCIO] and all profits from our produce are used for the runing costs of the Garadh and are put back into the community.

For all our PLANT AND COMPOST DELIVERIES please ensure you follow these strict procedures to ensure you stay safe:
CORONAVIRUS Regulations: Plants and compost will be delivered to your door (please keep to the 2 metre social distancing) and you should place the plants & compost in a shed/hut for at leat 24 hours before planting out to keep you safe from any potential transfer of the virus.
*IMPORTANT – WASH YOUR HANDS ** straight away after moving/touching. Thank you

Fushia – £3 per pot Great for planters, baskets and borders, producing flowers all summer long

Ageratum – £3 per tray (x6) Low growing annual producing clusters of blue flowers

Statice – £3 per tray (x6) The classic dried flower

Cledendula/Scotch Marigold – £3 per tray (x6) A mix of gold, yellow and orange flowers. The pteals are great in salads too

Marigold – £3 per tray (x6)

Tagetes – £3 per tray (x6) Masses of yellow and orange blooms

Dahlia – £2.50 per pot Dead head regularly and it will keep producing flowers well into Autumn

Variegated Geranium – £3 per pot

Surfina ‘Sky Blue’ £2.50 per pot Excellent plant for baskets and containers

Petunia ‘Phantom’ £2.50 per pot Striking yellow and dark purple striped flowers. Great in baskets and containers

Surfina ‘ Priscilla’ – £2.50 per pot Fragrant double violet blooms. Great for baskets and containers

Surfina ‘ Pink Viens’ – £2.50 per pot Pale pink with darker viens. Great in baskets and containers

Petunia ‘ Raspberry Star’ – £2.50 per pot The name says it all! Great in baskets and containers.

Surfina ‘ Hot Salmon’ – £2.50 per pot Deep salmon coloured centres with lighter fringe. Beautiful in baskets and containers.

Petunia Tumbelina ‘ Clara’ – £2.50 per pot Deep red flowers. Looks great in baskets and containers.

Nemesia Sundae ‘ Forest Fruits’ £2.50 per pot Striking purple, yellow and white flowers

Diascia ‘ Diamond White Blush’ £2.50 per pot

Diasca ‘ Diamond Light Pink’ £2.50 per pot

Bacopa ‘ Giant Dark Blue’ – £2.50 per pot

Bacopa ‘ Mega White’ – £2.50 per pot

Nemesia Sundae ‘ Lavender Sherbet’ £2.50 per pot

Calibrachoa ‘ Can can Orange’ – £2.50 per pot

Petunia ‘ Queens of Hearts’ – £2.50 per pot Stunning pink with yellow stripes. Great in baskets and containers.

Cosmos – £2 per tray (x4) Cheery splashes of colour borne on tall stems. Great border plant and good for cut flowers

Pansy – £3 per tray (x6) Low growing annual producing flowers all seaon long

Osteospermum ‘Serenity Deep Purple £2.50 per pot

Osteospermum ‘ Serenity Blue-eyed Beauty’ £2.50 per pot

Osteospermum ‘Serenity Rose Magic’ £2.50 per pot

Antirrhinum ‘Snapdragon’ £1 per pot Mixed colours. Excellent bedding plant

Geranium- Mixed Colours – £3 per pot Brilliant plant for baskers and containers

Trailing Lobelia – £2 per tray (x4) A mix of deep blues, white and purple flowers. Excellent in baskets and containers

Lobelia ‘Mrs Clibran’ £2 per tray (x4) Compact annual with white-centred blue flowers. Great bedding plant

Viola – £3 per tray (x6) Beautiful violet flowers. Great bedding plant

6 cell plant pack – £8 Four differnt types of plant ready to go into your hanging baskets and pots. Great Value! 3 colour themes: Cool: pinks/mauves, Hot: Red/Orange and Brights: Purple/white/pink

Nasturtium – £2 per tray (x4) Trailing and climbing plant. Great for covering a big area

Cornflower – £3 per tray (x6) Old fashioned cottage garden annual

Alyssum ‘ Royal Carpet’ £2 per tray (x4) urple Flowers fading to white. Great bedding plant

Alyssum ‘ Carpet of Snow’ £2 per tray (x4) White flower bedding plant

Livingstone Daisy – £3 per tray (x6) Masses of stunning daisy like flowers all summer long

White marguerites – £3 per pot Masses of white daisy flowers until late Autumn

Yellow Marguerites – £3 per pot Masses of yellow daisy flowers until late Autumn

Pink Marguerites – £3 per pot Masses of pink dairy flowers until late Autumn

Ostespermum ‘ Serenity Bronze’ £2.50 per pot

Mimulus – £1.50 per tray (x6) ** Reduced Price** Beautiful bedding plant