We are now slowly coming to the end of our amazing tomato season and what a season it has been! The tomatoes have been very abundant this year and super tasty. We’re still picking them for yummy soups to be made in the cafe and delicious chutneys to be sold 🙂





Anne busy jarring tomato and onion relish using all ingredients freshly pickes from the Garadh 🤤🍅🧅

Our preschool helpers come down to the Garadh every Tuesday morning and have been busy the last few weeks – picking tomatoes, carrots and leeks as well as potting some cuttings and small seeds and finding the cheeky Bill and Ben that seem to go walk about every week!


































10/07/23 – Freshly harvested carrots, Broad beans, mange tout, salad, spring onions, rhubarb and herbs for sale now at the garadh. The freshest veg you’ll find on Barra!





09/06/23 – That’s the leeks planted, 600 plants, 2 varieties, Winter Giant and Winner. Sown in deep trays of peat free compost in gentle warmth in March and planted out this morning. Ready to harvest from September onwards. Leeks contain more vitamin C than oranges and most of this is in the green leaf not the white shaft. So don’t waste all that goodness when you get it in the kitchen!
















    25/05/2023 – Early crop of carrots are looking good. The variety is early nantes and they were sown late April then covered with horticultural fleece to keep warmth and moisture in the soil and keep pests away. Ready to harvest in July.


Summer bedding plants ready now at the garadh! 01/05/23


That’s the onion crop planted! 4 varieties, globo, red brunswick, rijnsburger and ailsa Craig, sown early February in gentle warmth and grown on in modules and planted out in 3 no-dig beds today. Ready late July.
We have a limited amount of onion plants for sale on a first come first served basis.



Freshly picked salads, purple sprouting brocolli, spinach and parsley available now at the Garadh.

Tomato plants and scotch bonnet chilli plants ready now at the Garadh.





































Throughout the year we have seasonal vegetable produce available to buyWe also sell veg seedlings in the spring for those of you who are keen to grow your own.

All year round you will find hardy Barra shrubs great for planting hedges and a diverse range of perennials for building up your boarders.

In spring and early summer we are choc a block with bedding plants! These are very popular so be sure to get in there early.




















Our lovely handmade planters are also made up to order.














Expert advice is available Monday, Wednesday & Fridays mornings with our fabulous horticulturalists Bruce and Helen.

The opening hours are from 09.00-3.00 on Monday to Friday.


Rhubarb crowns ready now, £5 each.

Now is the time to plant hedging, windbreaks and beautiful shrubs in your garden. We’ve got a wide selection of home grown shrubs, all highly suited to conditions on Barra.

Beat the food shortages and grow your own! Lettuce plants in 10 cell trays ready now at the Garadh. Suitable for growing in a sheltered spot in your garden, in a polytunnel or in a fish box by your door.

Tasty, freshly picked summer salads available now from the Garadh. A blend of 4 different lettuces, rocket, baby spinach, mustard and pea shoots all grown on Barra.