Plants for Sale – 20 April 2020

All are now ready for planting out and available to buy on a first come basis.  We are taking orders from MONDAY 20 April 2020! Prices and details on each photograph below.

Please place your order with either Angie on 810352 or Eileen on 810253 and you will be invoiced for the the full amount in due course. So please let us have your email address to send this to.

For all our PLANT AND COMPOST DELIVERIES please ensure you follow these strict procedures to ensure you stay safe.

CORONAVIRUS Regulations: Plants and compost will be delivered to your door (please keep to the 2 metre social distancing) and you should place the plants & compost in a shed/hut for at leat 24 hours before planting out to keep you safe from any potential transfer of the virus.

*IMPORTANT – WASH YOUR HANDS* straight away after moving/touching. Thank you

Creeping Red Sedum – £4.00 Clusters of red flowers. Will spread and form clumps. Perfect for rockeries

Aquilegia – £4.00 Produces ‘grannies bonnet’ type flowers on long stems in Spring

Shasta Daisy – £4.00 Produces basses of big white daisy flowers on tall stems from mid summer until autumn

Achillea – £4.00 Beautiful feathery foliage and cluster of pink flowers

Beach Aster – £2 Clump forming low growing perennianl that will be comvered in pink flowers in summer. Brilliant rockery plant

Ajuca Black Scallop – £2 Low growing ground cover that thrives in shady spots

Mossy Saxifrage – £3 Forms a low mound, producing pink flowers in Spring. Great for rockeries

Michaelmas Daisy – £4 Clump forming perennial producing masses of pale purple flowers on tall stems in late Summer and Autumn

Knipholia – £4 Red hot poker. A favourite on Barra

Labertia – £5 A striking perannial with sword-like leaves and beautiful white flowers

Curry Plant – £4 Something unusual! Attractive greyish foliage that gives off an aroma of curry!

Thift or Sea Pink – £3 Forms low dense clumps and produces pink or red flowers in Spring and early Summer. Great plant for rockeries and walls

Lambs’ Ear – £3 Clump forming perennial with soft fluffy foliage

Sedum – £4 A great plant for attracting butterflies and bees into your garden. Works well in rockeries

Iris – £5 Clump forming variety producing deep blue flowers

Hosta – £4.50 Great plant for a shady spot

Dwarf pink – £3 Forms low growing clumps and produces fragrant flowers in Summer. Works well in rockeries

Perennial Lobelia – Scarlet’ – £4 Dark reddish leaves and scarlet flowers produced on tall stems

Perennial Geranium ‘ Painters Pallet’ – £4 Pale pink flowered variety

Perennial Geranium ‘Mrs Kendel Clark’ – £4 Blue flowered variety

Pink – £3 Tall crowing carnation type with scented pink flowers. Great in the rockery or border

Gaillardia – £3 Mid height plant producing lots of striking red and yellow flowers

Lupin – £4 A classic cottage garden perannial proudcing stunning columns of flowers in Summer

Geum – £4 Will form clumps producing bright orange flowers