What we did in the garden today…

Good afternoon, everyone and today is a grey wet, wet day. Your correspondent is back from a recent holiday.

On Monday, we washed some of the plant pots inside the Potting Shed and repotted the Honeysuckle.

On Tuesday, we hoed the new beds at the top of the Site, weeded, helped pick veg for the Buth, Plugs of Lettuce was planted in the old raised beds by the Keder tunnels. Cardboard collars were fitted on the stems of the Brassicas behind the Keder tunnels to prevent pests sneaking down to the roots.

Today, we sorted the seed packets in to piles of type of one vegetable each and scrubbed labels clean. Tomatos were water-fed and cuttings of Wygelia were planted.

Celery and Baby Carrots are now being lifted up here and sold down at the Buth. Pop round there to see and buy our fresh veg.