Vegetable Plants now availabe for Sale

Orders being taken now for vegetable plants for your garden. Please phone Eileen on 810253 or Angie on 810352. Delivery will be made to your home under our strict coronavirus regulations to keep you safe:

CORONAVIRUS Regulations: Plants and compost will be delivered to your door (please keep to the 2 metre social distancing) and you should place the plants & compost in a shed/hut for at leat 24 hours before planting out to keep you safe from any potential transfer of the virus.
*IMPORTANT – WASH YOUR HANDS straight away after moving/touching. Thank you

Cucumber Plants £1 each

Chilli Pepper Plants £1 each

Courgette Plants £1 each

Aubergine Plants £1 each

Coriander Plants £1.50 per pot

Tomato Plants £1 each