Garaddh News

Garadh a Bhagh a Tuath would like to say a massive thanks you to the co-op and its members who supported us in this years local community funds. £2276.80 was awarded to Garadh which

was used to help make paths around the site, making it far more accessible to everyone. the paths have made life a lot easier for us all so please come down and pay us a visit.

thanks you

Garadh a Bhagh a Tuath would like to say thanks to the feis committee for their invitation to the ceilidh in the bar last sundae. A great afternoon was had by all and we look forward to next one .


Sadly, due to the awful weather conditions last week we had to cancel the final café of the year.  However, we re-open on Thursday 11th January ad we look forward to seeing you there for some lovely  food and some great co

in the meantime we would like to wish everyone a very merry  Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 2018